Shashank & New Jungle Orchestra in India

By ntdworldnews | February 27, 2010 from NJO performs in Chandigarh
February 2010

New Jungle Orchestra Performs in Chandigarh India

Thousands of people flocked a stadium in Indias Chandigarh City to hear the tunes of the New Jungle Orchestra.

The band played a unique blend of Indian classical music mixed with Western jazz.

They became known for giving a melodious touch to the traditional acoustic Indian flute, which sank beautifully with other electronic instruments enhancing the rhythms.

[Pierre Dorge, Band Leader]: (English)
"The music is the language and we are really communicating and talking in the language. And it's really cultural meeting that hopefully will get cultures and people closer together in the future."

The band focused on the natural sounds from the surroundings, mostly the jungle and sounds produced by animals, hence the name New Jungle Orchestra.

[Shashank Subramanyam, Band Member]: English
"In this ensemble, you will find a variety of compositions, sounds from the jungle, the nature and they have inspiration drawn from various quarters from Bollywood film music, elephants whisper. So, I have contributed a few compositions which are rhythmic and which are diverse and at the same time, incorporate a good portion of Indian music and rhythms. And it is very interesting band."

The band has played throughout India including New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.