Summary on Dancing Cheek to Cheek

The Planet
July 2004

“Dancing Cheek to Cheek” has very fresh versions of that & one other “standard” song, but Danish guitarist Pierre Dørge & The New Jungle Orchestra mostly play their own music. It’s really original, albeit informed by a keen sense of history & of connections between seemingly “unrelated” places & genres. The core instrumentation may suggest “jazz big band”, but this music is more playful & much more worldly than any merely-jazz big band’s. The humour is delicious, too: “Sun Ra Saluting Mars” has the most unlikely “Waltzing Matilda” quote we’ve ever heard! Guests include a West African master of the kora. Highlights include a riotous piece which remembers Bollywood movies, as experienced whilst studying Manding music in West Africa, & a beautiful sound poem based on the Orchestra’s travels in China & Indonesia.