New CD on Steeple Chase - "SKETCHES OF INDIA"

Posted Jul 17th 2011

The music is inspired by my fascination of India and its music.
My very first meeting with Indian music was back in the sixties. I heard a concert in Copenhagen with Ravi Shankar and was dedicated to Indian music tradition. I rediscovered the Indian music through my friend Shashank Subramanyam, who did an extraordinary jungle concert at the Royal Playhouse at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2008. In February 2010 NJO was invited by INDIAN COUNCIL FOR CULTURAL RELATIONS ( through Shashank) to do some very successful concerts in five mayor cities in India. The concerts were set up in big concert halls with Shashank and other Indian musicians.

The titles on this new CD are:
1 IN THE TIGER CAVE (Pierre Dørge) 5:33
2 PAPANASAM MOOD (Pierre Dørge) 7:20
3 SWARALAYA (Shashank Subramanyam) 8:46
4 ELEPHANTS ON THE ROAD (Pierre Dørge) 4:20
5 DAWN BY THE SEA (Pierre Dørge) 9:23
6 INDIAN NIGHT SKY (Irene Becker) 5:24
7 MUMBAI NIGHTS (Pierre Dørge) 3:52
8 AFTERNOON IN DELHI (Pierre Dørge) 6:49
9 ANOTHER RAGA (Pierre Dørge) 8:31
10 TRIVANDRUM EXPRESS (Pierre Dørge) 8:19