Ayi Solomon

Born 1956, Mamprobi/Accra/Ghana. Played percussion in NJO since 1990.

Ayi Solomon was born and raised in Mamprobi, a
suburb of Accra. He is a self taught and ambitious musician. In his youth he 'hung around' the apostolic churches, where he eventually started playing side drums and congas for some of the churches.
After finishing high school in 1975, Solomon's musical carrier begun.

He played with the following groups: Encounter 9, Boom Talents, Oknam Sounds and Polluted Tears until 1977, where he became a member of a new Band called CLASSIQUE HANDELS. The group became famous in Ghana and the west-coast countries of Africa, such as Benin, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Liberia, etc. in 1979 problems arose between management and musicians and the group was dissolved. Some of the original members remained and the group was renamed CLASSIQUE VIBES. The style had now become reggae and Solomon was managing the drum kit.

In the year 1982, Ayi Solomon came to Copenhagen with the Classique Vibes
to participate in the Annual Afro Festival. At the end of the festival he went to Germany with Classique Vibes under a one-year management contract playing in American and German clubs.
The following year he returned with the band touring Scandinavia. However, inspired by the new environment and the different musical styles, he decided to stay in Copenhagen after the tour, to work with different musicians in Denmark.

Eventually over the years, Ayi Solomon joined the NEW JUNGLE ORCHESTRA, (in 1990)
led by Pierre Dørge, and still working with the NJO, he has now been a member for more than 10 years.

Today he is working and playing with the following groups and musicians:
Moussa Diallo, Palle Mikkelborg, Simon Spang Hansen, Dalia Faitelson's Global Sound with Jerry Bergonzi, Randy Brecker, Adam Nussbaum, Chris Cheek, Lelo Nika, & Thommy Anderson. John Sund's Special Venture/ Acoustic Sense -"World/Fusion", Hugo Rasmussen, Susy Hyldgaard, Mikkel Nordsø, Klaus Menzer, Jakob Fischer, Uno Mundo - Latin Reggae, Michel Nielsen's Fulani, Morten Grønvad, Jakob Andersen, John Tchicai, Marian Mursal Somalian singer, Benjamin Koppel, Ed Epstein and others.

To his credit, he has released his debut album entitled "BACK HOME" on cope records in 2003. The majority of the compositions are from Solomons own hand, and besides being featured as a percussionist Solomon also handles the vocals. The music, which is hard to put a label on, can best be described as a fusion between African (modern and roots), jazz, pop, rap, and funk with a spice of electronic additions. On the CD he has a list of fine musicians whom he has worked with and known for many years, namely: Pierre Dørge, John Sund (guitars), Nana Osibio, Thomas Fog (basses), Jacob Mygind, Ed Epstein, (saxes) Morten Carlsen (taragot Bulgarian reed-instrument) Vinie Iuel Kjærsgaard (vocals) Morten Ilsøe (drums) and others.


Phone:+45 70 20 11 37
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Selected Productions

Year Title Description
2003 Back Home CD album. Cope Records COPECD 049