Recorded in March 1984
Released in April 1984
SteepleChase SCCD 31188



  • 01
    Monk in Africa
  • 02
    St. Louis Blues
  • 03
    Dawda´s Dream
  • 04
    A Rainbow over the Bamboo Forest
  • 05
  • 06
    Sunday in Zürich
  • 07
    To Alhaji Bai Konte
  • 08
    To Mr. Dolphy
  • 09
    På Tirsdag (On Tuesday)


  • Pierre Dørge (guitar)
  • Niels Neergaard (trombone)
  • Kenneth Agerholm (trombone)
  • Morten Carlsen (reeds)
  • Doudou Gouirand (reeds)
  • John Tchicai (reeds)
  • Jesper Zeuthen (reeds)
  • Michel Marre (trumpet, euphonium)
  • Irene Becker (keyboards)
  • Bent Clausen (vibraphone, percussion)
  • Hugo Rasmussen (double bass)
  • Johnny Mbizo Dyani (talking bass, body percussion, vocal, step dance)
  • Thomas Dyani (congas, percussion)
  • Marilyn Mazur (drums, percussion)


Pierre Dørge guitar, conductor; John Tchicai ten.sax, bass clarinet; Jesper Zeuthen alto sax; Morten Carlsen neyflute, taragot, ts, bass sax & clarinet; Doudou Gouirand as & ss; Michel Marre trp & euphonium; Kenneth Agerholm trb; Niels Neergaard trb; Irene Becker keyboards; Bent Clausen vibes & perc; Johnny Mbizo Dyani bass; Hugo Rasmussen bass; Thomas Dyani congas & perc; Marilyn Mazur dr & perc.
Recorded March 23 1984 at Easy Sound, Copenhagen.Recording Engineer: Niels Erik Lund; Cover Art: Lamin Sima, Photo Studio, Brikama; Producer & Photo Nils Winther; Cover Design, Per Grunnet.