Peer Gynt

Recorded in January 1989
Released in January 1989
Olufsen Records DOCD5207



  • 01
    Peer Gynt´s Dream
  • 02
    Peer Gynt in Congo
  • 03
    Early on Morning
  • 04
    In the Hall of the Mountain King
  • 05
    Solveig´s Dream
  • 06
    Peer Gynt and the Boyg
  • 07
    Danza Araba
  • 08
    Anitra´s Dance
  • 09
    A Happy little Cock-bird
  • 10
    Ach, Sfinx, Wer bist Du
  • 11
    Stormy Weather over the North Sea
  • 12
    Ashes, Mist and Mind-blown Dust
  • 13
    Peer Gynt´s last Dream


  • Pierre Dørge (guitar, gong, gangsa, leader)
  • Morten Carlsen (tenorsax, basssax, taragot, clarinet, bretoniam bombarde, ney flute, jublag)
  • John Tchicai (tenorsax, sopranosax, bassclarinet, reong)
  • Jesper Zeuthen (altsax, bass clarinet, music saw, kempli)
  • Irene Becker (keyboards, vocal, big tom tom, reong)
  • Bent Clausen (vibraphone, drums, march drum, gangsa)
  • Thomas Dyani (conga, talking drum, bata, african djembe, gongs & many other percussion instruments)
  • Berit Mæland (solo soprano, gongs)
  • Lennart Fessel (kura ceng ceng (turtle with small cymbals)


Avialable on SteepleChase Records
SCCD 30020/24

Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra
Pierre Dørge, Harry Beckett, Kenneth Agerholm, Jörg Huke, Morten Carlsen, Jesper Zeuthen,
Jakob Mygind, John Tchicai, Volker Schlott, Charlotte Halberg, Hugo Rasmussen, Harrison
Bankhead, Aage Tanggaard, Bent Clausen, Hamid Drake,