China Jungle

Recorded in January 1997
Released in July 1997
Dacapo Records DCCD9427



Ib Michael (Danish)


  • 01
    Peking Kong
  • 02
    China Jungle
  • 03
    Dragon Dance
  • 04
    Feng Huan
  • 05
    Magic Mystery Moon
  • 06
    Fou Fou Zong
  • 07
    Yuyuan Garden
  • 08
    Lions of Shanghai
  • 09
  • 10
    Sunshine Highway
  • 11
    Clear as a Bell
  • 12
    Siberian Tiger
  • 13
    The Great Master Comes
  • 14
    Lang Tung Ting
  • 15
    Welcome to China Jungle



  • Yu Jun (guzheng (chinese harp))
  • Zhao Ben (xun, erhu (flute & violin))
  • Aviaja Lumholt (vocal)
  • Morten Carlsen (tenorsax)


(Translation from Danish)

Pierre Dørge´s New Jungle Orchestra is one of the most renowned danish jazzbands. For three years they were ambassadors for Denmark as official Danish State ensemble and their name has been widely established abroad. Where jazz was born, in the US, they are known as one of the most sophisticated and innovative mini big bands of Europe.

In between thay have recorded 13 CD´s.
The most recent, China Jungle, was released in june 1997 from the Danish record company DACAPO.
In August the CD will also be released in cooperation with the renowned classical company NAXOS, which has just started out as a jazzlabel. Thus the orchestra´s CDs are distributed worldwide, though in the beginning only in the markets of Europe, USA and China.

The new CD contains 15 new compositions, which, in the jungle-tradition, are impossible to label. Thus some of the music is chinese style with a touch of souljazz and twist. Two chinese musicians participate on the album, - the harpist Yu Jun and volinist Ben Zhao -, as do the Greenland-Danish singer Aviaja. The fresh music is played by one of the most able and best integrated jungleteams ever. The junglemusic is insistingly extrovert with the inspiration of "grooves" and rythmes from all over the world. Based firmly in the jazztradition, the orchestra freely mixes the notes and rythmes of Africa, Arabia, China and of the odd song af Danish composer Rued Langgaard.

Even though the orchestra isn´t the state ensemble, they still tour extensively. Recently they represented Denmark at two big, international jazzfestivals of Beijing and Shanghai. Later this year they give concerts Paris, Reykjavik, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, The Baltic countries and Denmark.