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New Year Concert 2018 New Jungle Orch. presents LELO NIKA

Posted Nov 12th 2018
Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Maestro Lelo Nika, who twice won the title “Accordion World [...]
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Elefante Imposante feat. Kasper Tranberg, Aarhus Jazzfestival 17. juli

Posted Jul 21st 2018
Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra tager legende ubesværet musik fra hele verden til drivhushede i Kunsthal Aarhus. [...]
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Den 40. udgave af Copenhagen Jazz Festival får en ekstraordinær fejring i form af et mangfoldigt jubilæumsprogram i Kongens Have,

Posted Jun 10th 2018
Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra er en institution i dansk jazz, der i næsten 40 år har rejst kloden rundt med [...]
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Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra has been around since 1980 - with some changes in the crew. They play worldmusic at the highest level, and they are in a class of their own. With a mixture of jazz, Asian, African and European music - and general madness - they create their own dadaistic universe, which gives the audience a unique and extraordinary experience.

As it´s often the case, they are best live on stage, where you can hear music created by the saxophonist bowing the bell and the reed or Pierre playing a musical box as you know it from the kids room. Other instruments are sea shells used as trumpets or various Asian and African remedies. There are no limits and the catching joy and humour almost always guaranties a memorable concert for years to come. Pierre Dørge is a worthy heir to the Ellingtonian legacy.

Welcome to the Jungle (feat. John Tchicai)